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Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Subject:I'm not Dead!! :)
Time:12:26 am.
Mood: grateful.
I just signed in here for the first time in about 3 years. I'm so happy I remembered how to get in. I probably have lost friends or followers during my dormant time, but I hope to make new ones and continue Logging my Life here.
A lot has changed since I was last here of course. I have been a Lesbian all my life and yet still wasn't happy in my identity with myself. I came to realize I'm Transgender 4 and a half years ago. Thru the last couple years I have been trying to move forward in my transition.
Also, to mark this event further. My wonderful Cat of almost 9 years just passed away. She was my mini Tiger and has been there for me thru so much in my life. I'll never forget you my dear friend, Kisa.
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Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Subject:I'm still Around...
Time:7:38 pm.
Mood: busy.
I don't know if I have any friends anymore that will see this, but I will go on from here. A New fresh start for Summer 2011. I am going through a big change this year. I am currently working at Taco Bell and writing this entry on my break. Life is treating me a little better. At least I have survived my Traumas and I'm still alive. I shall be posting here more often and hope to make new friends. I also would like to reconnect to some of my old Buds.
I hope everyone is going to have a great Summer Vacation. Go Blue for 2011!!

Peace, Dila
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Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Subject:Quizzies, how I miss them...
Time:1:06 am.
Mood: sore.
Here's a new quiz result for the new year!! This is so cool. It is one of my new obsessions. It is a Yaoi series. I love Ritsuka. I also love these girls, although they are only in it for a short time. I am currently collecting the manga. Cool result, huh?

Fighters and Sacrifices: Which Character from Loveless Are You?

The Zero Girls: You are passionate and completely devoted to your other half. You are afraid of losing the one you love.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Girls Love Rules!!

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Monday, January 21st, 2008

Subject:Damn Assholes in my town...
Time:4:47 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
I am beyond Pissed off! I have been very angry the last week and I hate my town. I can't wait until I move. Which is going to be soon, but I'll talk about it later. On Jan 15, the movie Suburban Girl was released. Well, I went to the closest place they sell DVD's, which is wal-mart(Rolls Eyes). I went into electronics and looked around for the cover with beautiful Sarah on it. Didn't see it in the new place, but they are so scattered now it's hard to tell. A man named Joseph ask me if I needed help. I asked him went if they got the movie in. He went and checked for me and was back in 30 seconds. He said "we don't get it until next tuesday." Which is a week later than the world wide release. I felt a strange vibe from this guy and he seemed a little familiar. Plus he smirked like he knew something all the time. I went home and gave up the look. I then wished I had just ordered it online from amazon and it would have been here on the day. I feel kind of lame that I gave up the fight to see My SMG's new movie so easy. I guess Joseph made that effect on me when I heard the disappointing news. Now, why I am pissed off is because of JOSEPH! I called 2 days later and asked someone about the movie. They said that they had it in on the 15 and it just sold out that morning. Then they said that the rack was empty and they get another shipment in the next few days. It had a rack and was out on the right day! That MotherFucking Joseph Prick lied to me! FUCKing little Shit! I felt something and I know now that it was a secret agenda against that Buffy fan girl from high school. Well, now I just go back to all the torment I had to go through because Sarah(Buffy) is my hero. I used to get teased so cruelly about Buffy. I hated it and I now just want to bomb those idiots into pieces for offending Sarah! Now, I wish to at least put a mark on joseph's record of disservice to me because of a high school grudge he couldn't get over. Grow the fuck up! I hate People!!

Red Zone, Dila
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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Time:2:49 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Hey, I wish love, happiness, freedom and success to everyone in the new year. 2008 is gonna rule!!


It's gonna be awesome!!

Love, Dila
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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Subject:I'm Baaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkk.......
Time:10:07 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Ahhhhh, I can't believe I am here. I really am here and going to stay. I will be posting once a week now. I now have my own computer. It is a beautiful laptop with all kinds of abilities to expand my life in the digital world. This is so cool. I have lots to talk about and share all my revelations. Like new shows, clothes, Hair, music, and even a new path in life that is very interesting and beautiful. I have a powerful mission! I can do it!
Of course not everything is flowers and rainbows in my life, but the outcome has been healing. On Febuary, 21 2007 I went through a car crash that totaled my car and screwed up my back and knee. It was a very horrorible and traumatizing experience I certainly didn't need. My body has healed pretty good, except I still need physical therapy for my back. My mental took a huge toll considering how sensitive I am. I am seeing a good counselor to help me resolve those inner problems. Things hurt, but they will feel better.
On the other hand I am obsessed and in love with three new things!! Ok, I have more than 3 new interests, but I wanna talk about these. Kannazuki no Miko is my favorite new Yuri anime. Goddess, what a beautiful and tragic story. I love Chikane and Himeko!! The L Word I s my favorite series currently. Bette is such a complex character, I love her though. Shane is just cool and tortured. My fave is jenny that cute and strange little goth. Lost and Delirious is one of the most powerful Movies I have ever seen. Paulie I understand you and wish to be strong in love like you. I just can't stop watching them.
Don't worry Buffy is still the love of my life, I can expand you know. I can't wait to see "The Air I breathe". Sarah Looks gorgeuos in it. I keep watching the preview on youtube. Oh, my username there is ~AngelWhisper~. Add me as a friend if your on the site.
Well, I will definitely be back with lots more to say. Be happy and Merry X-mas!!

Love, Dila
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Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Subject:Sora and Riku!!
Time:8:54 pm.
Mood: giddy.
I love their friendship. They are truly best friends. They'd do anything for eachother. I know how Sora feels. I love them!! Kingdom Hearts & 2 rock!~!

Here one of my favorite Sora/Riku videos on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtbDWVk6TQw

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Time:8:34 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
I did it. You wonder what it is I did? Well, it's a pretty big accomplishment. I passed. I got it! My DRIVING LICENSE! Ok, now that I have said that. Yes, life will get better from here. I can move forward. Literally. So much is now at my fingertips. I can get another job, get more money, and then eventually have enough to get myself a computer. Then I can update this everyday. I hope all my friends here are still gonna talk with me. Hmmm......Wooohooo!!!

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Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Time:8:06 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Kingdom Hearts is one of my litlle obsessions. I think back when I was playing the first one I couldn't stop talking about it on here. I would tell you all the progress I had made. Well, now I am going on about number 2!! Riku is my favorite character by the way. I think he is the most awesome character in the game. He is even cooler in the second game. I have been living and breathing Kingdom Heart 2. I am very connected to the games. In more ways than one. Not only do I relate to it, but I also predicted a whole bunch of it. Kingdom Hearts rules! Riku Rules!! Here is a little part of my obsession. A video of Riku! I think it's a great video and a fitting song. Haunted by Evanescence.

Click Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZff8yeho3Y

Dila over and out
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Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Time:8:57 am.
Mood: awake.
Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

Who's Your Sohma Guy?

Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

I guess I took it as more of a personality test. Oh, well I am happy with my result. I am the Cow too!!

I love Hatsuharu. Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru! Haru! He is so cool and cute. I love everything about him. I mean he is so much like me it's not even funny. Not surprising though, consdering we are both the Ox/Cow. I also am really into the Haru/Rin love story. Rin is awesome! She is really dark and can be a bitch, but I love her. Haru and Rin 4ever!!

Like my Icon. Yes, you can be calm. I am white. Just be warned if I go black!

A insomniactic Dila
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Saturday, May 6th, 2006

Time:2:34 am.
Mood: lonely.
I have been lonely lately in many ways. I longed to be near someone I care about. I feel like I am going through all these problems alone. Not that people haven't been there, it's just no one seems to take my efforts into account. I haven't had any positive encouragement in a long time. Lately, it's been negative and unpleasent people around me. Making me feel worse and worse inside everyday. They say, the reflections of people are powerful. Or something like that. Especially when it's your own family. Sorry for my english, not feeling like editing. I shall go along on here alone, as it seems to always be. (As in I am on Yahoo.)

~*~A Lonely Dark Angel~*~
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Friday, April 14th, 2006

Subject:Mmmmm...I got to at least say this...
Time:3:38 pm.
Mood: depressed.

Yes, my favorite person on TV is turning 29 as we speak. Well, in a way she is more than just a fave actress to me. My role model and my Buffy. Buffy Fest and SMG movies here I come!!!

I love you Sarah, I hope you have the best day. I hope someday I can attend this wonderful event. I can dream!

It is too bad I've been feeling depressed all week. Sarah should make me feel better. I miss my real friend though.

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Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Subject:Ok, Talk about weird...
Time:1:19 pm.
Mood: hyper.
I just had the craziest dream ever. It's a combination of BuffyTVS, Fruits Basket, and Harry Potter. I think this tops the other crazy ones I've had. Ok, here we go!

The dream starts with Buffy, she seems scared of something, the area looks forestry. Buffy starts running as she hears voices in the distance. The voices sound like males and as Buffy looks back in her view see's three figures. These guys must be powerful to get Buffy running. As Buffy is going she comes across a shut down carnival. Seeing her enemies are out of sight she ducks down and slides under the old office of the carnivals manager. Suddenly in her view she see's one of her enemies have found her. He crawls under and reaches his hand out to grab her. Buffy slides towards the end with an opening. Sliding as fast as she can towards the escape she gets to it and finds she can't fit through. Two of her enemies are now under coming to get her. Buffy feels her ankles pulled and she screams, "Nooooooo!". Suddenly a knife plunges into her stomach. Paralyzed with pain as they drag her to the third enemy. "You are a challenge to have." Says the third guy, who seems to be the leader. Then out of the blue a black and white figure slam into him. The others stare in shock as they prepare to fight. The leader is out cold. This black and white figure looks like a cow. The cow takes out the other two enemies. The cow turns into a young man. He goes to Buffy to see if she is alive. Buffy looks confused at him and grimacing at her stab wound. "Here I'll help you." says the young boy. "Why did you do that?" Buffy asks him softly. "You seemed in trouble so I followed you when you entered my place. I come here to get away." He explains as he carries her to the side walk. "I think I lost a lot of blood. These guys just want to hurt me. If you know me, you'd know why." Buffy says as they come across a hospital. "I may not, but I know enemies. I know someone who has inflicted a lot of pain. Well I am going to leave you here, they'll take care of you. I'm Hatsuharu. Now you know the name of your savior." Haru says as he brings her in and sets her on the waiting room sofa. "I'm Buffy. Thank-you Hatsuharu. I can take care of the questions. You have done enough." Buffy says as she slides her hand across his face thankfully.
Hatsuharu leaves as a doctor discovers Buffy. He goes outside and suddenly is in chains. The scenery changes to night with a full moon. Haru feels change in his body and start writhing in his chains. "Noooo, stop this madness!" Hermoine shouts among the crowd. This is a complete scene change to the Harry Potter world by the way. "Please don't hurt him." Hermoine says as she runs towards Hatsuharu. Haru sprouts pointy, hairy, ears. A long, hairy tail and transforms into a werewolf. "He has rights. Let him go!" Hermione shouts standing by Haru. "The council says he is a threat to us." A man says. Hermione starts to undo his chains. "No, you must not let him go. He must be prosecuted!" The head of the council says. Haru is released, but does not seem dangerous. "Why am I here.?" Haru says in a soft tone to Hermione. "They think you are someone else." She says, and then takes his paw and starts running, "C'mon I know a place for you to escape." They run through the crowd and dissappear into the forest. "Thanks, Why am I a wolf?" Haru says as they catch their breath. "You are a werewolf. Although, you look different from tradition." Hermione say as they walk quietly. Haru looks like a pretty typical wolf, but he's on his hind legs. "I am a little different, but I certainly don't live here. I just would like to get back home." Haru says sadly. Hermione speaks a language he doesn't recognize and a portal appears. "This will take you anywhere you want to go, but you must think specifically where." Hermione say with a tap on his shoulder for good luck. "Goodbye and thank-you again." Haru says as he steps through. "No problem, I just wanted to make it right. You're Welcome." Hermione say as he dissapears.
Hatsuharu is back home with Kisa, Yuki, Tohru and Kyo. "Where've you been all day?" Kyo says sitting on the table. "You don't want to know." Haru says shaking his head. "I want to know" Kisa says to him. "Ok, fine everyone perk up your ears. I hope you believe me." Haru says and explain his day to them.

What a dream man!!! It was awesome. Enjoy!!

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Saturday, March 4th, 2006

Time:9:13 am.
Mood: mellow.
Wanna know what I've been up to? Gee, where do I start? And how do I say it? I Had Surgery!!! Don't worry though, I am fine. My back pain problem is solved. No more aches and tightening muscles. Burning and stiffness. It is an interesting experience going through surgery. Except now I am itching like crazy while the wounds heal. I can't wait to get back to work. Now waitressing should be a breeze.

Other than that? I got some new pants, that are really cool, a few Crow postcards, and a Fruits Basket deck of cards. I of course have been getting every issue of Buffy and Angel magazines and keeping up on the info. Buffy Movie come please!!!! I need the new Buffy projects to start.

Also Does anyone miss Alias as much as I do? I can't wait to see what happens. It's all so confusing right now and they left us hanging. Just another couple days. Alias, woohoo!!!!

Toodles, Dila
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Monday, January 30th, 2006

Subject:I'm not In an alternate universe.
Time:11:05 am.
Mood: accomplished.
I know it's been a while, but I just havn't had any access to a computer until now. Life is a very huge challenge. It takes you places you'd never thought possible. Well, Maybe thought about, but didn't expect to be doing them. I have been thinking in a whole new way. I have been 20 for 3 weeks and 5 days now. What a series of change I have gone through. I feel good at where I am now. I am going to keep reaching forward to the journey of life. A hard one, but I am not giving up.

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Friday, November 18th, 2005

Subject:Another chance at....
Time:11:28 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
I can Drive!! I passed the written test! I know it took me a while to finally say this after all my talk of getting it done. Well last week it was done. I am already training any chance I get. I plan to have my license by my birthday.

Today wasn't so great. First I went on the bus with my mom to get a few things. We were supposed to go to safeway, but it only took us to K-mart. My mom needed to go there anyways. Then we spent an extra 3 unwanted hours there because my dad was late. He then drop my sis and to the bowling alley. I was forced to spend 1.50 on a game because of false advertising and the place wouldn't give me my money back. I feel so ripped off right now. I'm not stupid if they falsely advertise. And that was my fucked up day.

A pissed off Dila
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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Subject:Happy Halloween!!!! 17:20 late.
Time:5:20 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Also Happy Samhain to my fellow Wiccas.

I have been such a busy bee. And soon I may be bussier. Eventually, things will lighten. I got a lot of things accomplished and soon will not have so much. I have to cut this short.

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Subject:New ANIME show to love!!
Time:8:25 pm.
I am currently into Pretear. My faavorite character has dark long hair, a deep voice, an attitude like an ass, and is just plain hot. I don't remember his name though. The show is very cool. My friend Cee is burrowing the DVD series from her friend. She asked me if I wanted to see it. I have opnly seen the first 4 Eppy's, but I gotta say I am completely hooked. I love ANIME!!

A Chipper Dila

P.S. I am currently trying to get my own personal internet on. It should be soon.
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Subject:Hey All!
Time:8:16 pm.
Mood: content.
I am getting my own place, finally! I am buying a travel trailer. Also its great rent. I already looked inside and just stayed in there for a while thinking how I could live in there. It works fine for me and my two little dogs and my Kitty. There is two beds a table, nice bathroom, lots of cabinet spaces, a big mirror, and a cute little kitchen. Plus everything works. So I can have regularly showers and home cooked meals.

I am also getting quite a savings from my two jobs. I knew things had to get better. A lot of things have been recently coming together. Not all of them I want to mention here. Work is good too.

Bye, Dila
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Saturday, August 27th, 2005

Subject:Hey, I'm still active.
Time:10:00 pm.
Mood: crappy.
My account is still here. I am letting all of you know in case you thought I was gone. I have been having a difficult time, but it will all lead to something better. I kicked my depression out for a while so I can concentrate on getting my license. I still have my down time, and I mean down, but I knew friends helping me stay strong. Cal is my new Gay friend. He is so sweet and caring to me. We have a ton in commmon and he always makes my work fun. We have had a lot of shifts together. I also feel blessed to have my new friend Crystal. She is one of the most wonderful people I have met. She and her, my, other friend Britany want to make my hair into a project. I am going for something other then black. I promise to post pictures. I know I have been saying I will post pics, but I do mean it. See you all next time I get a chance at internet.

Signing off, Dila
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